Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Edit: I am indulging in a pity party here so skip this if you want to ...I just need to vent.

I was talking to a co-worker today and it lead me to a couple of realizations.

She is one of the few here that actively read my blog and has given me some very good ideas about a few things. Betty Crocker and I have a mutual fear of "Mom Hair" , and a love of baking...well...duh !

I am frustrated more than usual by things that I can usually handle.

Clutter makes me f'g nuts.

And I have a shit load of it at the Casa right now.

Crap on the pass through. Crap on the dining room table. Crap on top of the file cabinet in the den. A desk full of papers and what nots in the same den. A guest bath cabinet in such disarray that I couldn't find more fixodent or deodorant. Ditto more or less for the built in china hutch in the dining room. A floor full of shoes in a pile in my closet. Dry cleaning taking up all the space on the two hanging rods in the garage. A shower that is toxic in its need to be cleaned , not to mention the floor fan in the bedroom or the comforters on the bed that need to be taken to the Laundromat. And so on.

Last night didn't help when a spill in one side of the pantry demanded we clean/clear off that shelf...nor did this morning when wubby diddums had another accident in the hallway . I had almost gotten my hopes up since it has been a week or so since the last one and we had gone back to the original formula Iams...nope....not happinin.

Part of the problem is that I let it slide for far too long because without the A/C I didn't have the energy to tackle it. Now before you go..um...Pol....it wasn't that bad...try living in Singapore and try running a bakery or a pottery kiln in 104 % humidity and then we will talk.

Other than a few days last October , I haven't taken any time off since we lost his mother in May of 2010.

Ten months ago.

My house is a disaster, my yard is a mess and I feel like I what to throw in the towel..except that the towel would land on the floor and add just one more bit to the clutter.

SU helps, but he is as tired as I am and frankly, he cares less about all of the above than I do....except that it is now working my last nerve. Hopefully I can hang in there till the first week of April when I can tear into some of it...yes kids....that is how I spend vacay. Either with Sistah or cleaning carpet and or house. I like the idea of starting something and seeing it through...and I am just enough OCD to need the control of the organizational parts of it.

Slowly but surely I will get there.

Tonight I will straighten out the floor of my closet and move a few of the winter weight jackets to the guest room closet with the rest of the heavier outfits.

NCIS is a re-run after all and I will feel better....baby steps...baby steps...It's no where near Hoarders or being a case of needing Intervention...it's just enough to irritate me and I like tidy...or at least clutter - less.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

(((Aunty))) I feel your pain, honey. If you just want hugs, stop reading here. Sometimes that's all we want.

If you want company in the misery, my casa was driving me crazy after six weeks worth of back to back colds... watching it steadily deteriorate into chaos and without the energy to clean it up. And that's not even months w/o AC and 10 mos without a vacation.

So go eat that elephant, sweetie. One bite at a time! More hugs!