Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Chocolate Site

Prepare to swoon.

Big surprise, I love chocolate.

And cats.

And bloggers who reply to posts...I love the surprise of that . That should not however be taken as me ranting about people not posting replies.

As Lady Lisa ( miss ya babe) says.." Blogging is without obligation."

S.V. replied to the previous post and so I bopped over to hers.

As is my habit, I look at the list of blogs that bloggers I like and or follow , do themselves follow..confusing I know.

And I found the little gem regarding chocolate.

So I went there.

And almost had to lick the screen.

Slap Mr. Linky and check it out.

Also check out S.V.'s blog:

Now, lets all go buy that $95.00 krep for our coffee and go grab some chocolate while we are at it.


Aunty Pol

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