Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lisa , Elise and Me.

I have followed Miss Lisa at Homesick Texan since the start of her blog . I replied on any number of her posts and we traded e mails When her announcement of the book came, I let her know when the Chronicle had an article about her and the book....ala " Call your Mom and tell her to grab every copy of the Chronicle she's below the fold, half page front of teh food section !!!!!!!!! I meant to get the book, but something always distracted me..ya know life and such..but I could read her blog every day, print out and talk about recipes here and so it went.

I also read Miss Elise every day at Simply Recipes and last month when I saw her post about the book , I thought .." That's it, must possess...hello Amazon."

I brought the book home and SU has not put it down.

My late mother would appreciate this.

He appreciates a recipe for chow-chow which we can only find at Randalls.

Anyone planning on growing maters this year..let me know.

SU has that look in his eye..

" Chow Chow ."

Slap Mr. Linky below to go to " Simply Recipes "...I snagged the picture from Miss Elise..thank you ma'm.


Aunty Pol

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