Thursday, January 05, 2012

The New Sherlock Holmes Series

Okay, it's not really new if it is the second season and the man playing John Watson is the same actor who stared in the really not bad adaptation of Douglass Adams classic " A Hitchhikers Guide..." and the answer is still 42 by the way .

I had my reservations about the whole thing much like the reservations I had about Grenada resurrecting any Sherlock Holmes series, even with Jeremy Brett ( may he rest in peace the lovely dear man)...which we loved.

I had reservations about the premise of the first Laurie King book, " The Beekeepers Apprentice " in which after Holmes retires to take up beekeeping he encounters a young apprentice, female no less by the name of Mary Russell , whom he eventually marries...and I have all of the books thus far, hoping for more to come.

I have to my joy found that one of my favorite authors books are available in e book format which is a pure joy to be since I have long given up on locating any of Fred Saberhagens " Holmes Dracula series..who knew they were you can tell, I have been an avid Holmes fan since my first Roy William Neil directed Basil Rathbone movie...I will read with out fail any Holmes inspired work as long as it is done in a respectful manner....

And the above series was far and above my expectation.

This is not easily given, especially since I went through junior high school and high school with a rather unique nickname.

Yes , I still will answer to it all these years later..

" Oh Watson ?"

Slap Mr. Linky and do yourself a favor..check out the series.


Aunty Pol

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RobIreland said...

Ok come on tell me...In Reichenbach Fall Sherlock jumped from a very high building. We seen him splat on the ground, blood pouring from his head, eyes wide open and quite dead !... How come he was not realy dead ?????? He appeared at his own grave side ?? how come ????? ..... Rob