Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Still Fabulous

Yes darlings, they are back...sort of.

I had a wonderful New Years weekend watching a marathon of Ab Fab.

It's been 20 years since it was on..jeebus h !

And yet, I still laughed my self silly over the episodes, though sadly they didn't run or I missed the season 4 episode where Serge actually shows up.

Hands up if you suspected Serge was just one of Eddy's more creative acid trips.

Yup..thought so..me too.

Funny thing though, my reaction to the show is different now than it was .

It is still funny , make no mistake, but watching it now I get the sense of sadness that was never apparent the first time.

All of the characters seem completely unable or unwilling to connect to each other and be happy in their inflated notions of where they fit in society.

The main characters are so desperate to stay hip that they are more often than not mocked by those whose acceptance they crave the most.

Poor Saffy, the almost cliche uber nerd just wants to know that she is loved and wanted for herself..and maybe just a little pretty truth be told. And judging from the photo, when did Saffy start looking like a thinner middle aged Patty Duke?

The mother and Bubble more often than not are just reactors to what ever Patsy and Eddy scheme up, with an occasional reality check thrown in for good measure.

Is it still funny ?

Oh hell yes.

Will I watch it ?

Oh hell yes, but with different eyes I suspect.


Aunty Pol

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