Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Florentines ~ Oranges , Almonds and Chocolate ~ Oh My ~

I had to look at the picture of this and the recipe for a few minutes because at first glance, I thought , " Man....those are some eff'd up pralines..what in the world ?"

Sometimes a name or a method will just sound too chi chi for me..the part of the brain that asserts control most of the time goes " Whoa girl , who in the what do you think you are or doing.."..and I run like hell.

Except for King Arthur recipes.

They hold your hand with all of the pictures, much as Miss Ree does and lets you know that it's gonna be okay.

The above recipe looks stupid easy...

Yup..have to try this one..and yes , I am willing to buy the sticky bun sugar and candied orange peel from them because some things just cannot be substituted .

Just ask Aaron Carter about Ranch Dressing.

Heh..first one booted off " Rachael vs Guy " Celebrity Cooking show Sunday nite on the food channel.

Don't laugh..Cheech Marin is on this.

" Dave".

" Daves not here man."

I digress...Cheech and Chong has that effect on me...la la la .

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

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