Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This One Actually Made My Jaw Drop.

I had the oddest experience yesterday.

I mean really, jaw dropping stunned deer in the headlights, WTF ??

A young man who works for the courier service we use came by to pick up a filing with a file stamp return..this being the easiest of all jobs to do that there is.

My cats could do it.


As he is making the return ( and I am hoping he gets THIS right because he gets defensive when I call him out on some stuff and you have to be blunt with this dude..worse than Carl the Wonder Poodle even) ..he asks me...sincerely....

" How do you pronounce your first name ?"


Lather , rinse, repeat.


My first name is JANE.

How hard is that ?

Not Jah Ne, J'Ane, Jan E


My late father wanted to name me after his father but was shot down...I'm not really a Paula type.

Now, personally I blame celebutards like Bouncy and Goop who name their spawn Blue Ivy and Apple and what not. I fully remember years ago when Frank Zappa named his kid Moon Unit. Even friggan Ozzy's kids have normal names.

What is wrong with you people ?

Do you think that giving your spawn a unique name will fill them with the self esteem they lack because they are being raised by nannies and staff ? Regardless of whether they go to public or private schools , do you think that your cache will armor them from the guaranteed beat downs and bullying they are going to get because you laid that shit on them ?

Really ?

I have endured all of the Tarzan jokes ever told, ditto Jane Doe and plain Jane remarks and guess what..big whoop.

At least I know how to pronounce it .


Aunty Pol aka JANE

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