Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Not Thursday, It's FRIDAY Eve !

It's been a weird day and the weather is weird too.

One day it's warm, the next cold and the overall theme is gray and dreary.

This may be the reason that I basically can do without January.

Remind me of that...will you..when it's spring, what little we have and I am up to my ass in not enough hours in the day much less weekend to get all of the shit done that I promise myself will happen.


Remind .

Me .

This is basically the lull before rodeo, mardi Gras, spring break ( oh good idea bringing your crotch spawn ~ shout out to PG for that phrase ! ~ to the office where they run AMOK..and news flash...Aunty Pol is not your babysitter .

You have been warned.

I want some decent weather for the first part of April.

I want Mr. Trejo to clean out and mulch the beds.

I want to replace the terra cotta graveyard on the patio and have some geraniums and such growing for just a little bit please before we have another summer like we did last year with the drought and everything frying because I refuse to own a MUD district.


I want to be sure that Sistah and Double Oh are okay up in the Paloose where they are getting slammed with all of the snow and crap.

I want to know that Pyro and Baby Mama to be are okay.

I want a beer and I need a nap.


Aunty Pol

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