Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Doing The Happy Dance !

Happy Happy , Joy Joy !
I would rather wait any number of years for what appears to be a fresh, original album ( yes , I know but that is what I still call them...I'm old..carry on) from her than a mediocre bunch of crap that is out there every few weeks.

Now..I guess I need to save my solaris ( read helps) to see if there is gonna be a tour. SU and I don't go out to a lot of concerts..hell..any concerts in the last few years because the price is just stupid. We've seen Bonnie downtown at what used to be Verizon and I seem to recall that Keb'Mo was just starting out and opening for her..yes..that long ago .

Since then we have a House of Blues downtown because we're special like that ..perfect venue.

I will be stalking...err....following this like mad ...No....never...nuh uh.


Aunty Pol

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