Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

Wow, the first official " Bruce Of The Day " for 2012 !


The weather has been freakishly nice today for January, upper 60's/low 70's and I am forced to remind myself that I will not go out into the yard and kill myself weeding the gardens this weekend with this faux spring. That only results in my doing significant damage to my back and it's just not worth it. I may shape up some and so on but I will leave the major clean up to Mr. Trejo, and it's supposed to rain buckets Monday....please Gaia, we need the rain so badly. The forecast for this year is the same as last...severe drought.

Big news dept..the crazy cajuns are grandparents again..bebe Ava was born last Friday and all is well despite my not having any real details. Now with Mrs . Baby Mama Pyro being due this spring, I can see my eyes glazing over in the baby aisle at Tar Jay...Help me Rhonda !

Merlin is back on SciFi tonight which makes me happy, even if the story has progressed to the death of King Giles..sniff's a cute show and I have seen all of the Criminal Minds at this point as it is...

Damn , I need a life !

Kidding !

Nothing else new, taxes ( prop and HOA ) all is good .

Have a great weekend !


Aunty Pol

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