Friday, December 02, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~ !

Happy Friday Y'all.

It's been a real roller coaster ride.

A fucking no seat belt, driving a Yugo but the brakes work kinda week.

For whatever reason , this last week has brought out the absolutely OMG brace for impact bad drivers ever on our commutes to work.

The mornings are bad enough with the glaring sun bouncing off mirrors and glass windows thus creating corners that are absolutely a complete 360 blind spot as you make the turns, but the evenings..?

I swear to God, I want to put a St. Christopher on the dash...I know , I know.


I swear to Gaia , the evening commute home is almost beyond words.

BOTH of us have noticed that people are driving like bats out of hell, cannot stay in one lane, much less commit to choosing one lane and are genuinely giving us both angina.

These driver pull this shit with their air of entitlement ( I can therefore I will do ) whether they have their cell phones firmly grafted to their ear ( do not get me started on that one ) or not.

Now , SU and I pay attention , especially the closer we get to the house as we go down 1960 because there is a particularly bad stretch of road that has NO street lights.

Businesses may have their parking lot and decorative lights along this strip , but few if any street lights.

Why , you ask ?

Because dear hearts, 1960 runs along the back side of IAH.

Intercontinental Airport Houston

A Major International hub.

And where do we live?

Directly across from the new runway on 1960.

Our end of 1960 is getting to be as bad as the Willowbrook end.

And the office software upgrade continues to delight.
Every day is a new adventure in what is fucked up today, what worked an hour ago and now does not and what next.

People need to climb off the IT depts ass because THEY did NOT do the installation.

They have NO backup from the asshats that did.

So just quit it y'all.

They are doing the best they can in an absolutely impossible nightmare and unless YOU can do it better or faster........


And on the upside...


You thought there wasn't going to be one didn't you ?

Admit it .

I can see you .

I have started the Christmas shopping.

So far...

Great Niece - check.

Step Mother - check ( delivery scheduled)

Will Be Done This Weekend :

Nephew /Godson

Niece ( his wife)

Southside Johnny

To Be Done Next Week:

Both Coworkers in my department

The Neighbor Gals

Sistah ( okay, yours may be at the end of the week but we both know that's cool)

In other words, by this time next diggity dayum.

I will be done with the shopping.

And other than the great niece, it will all be paid for via debit card or cash. all balances out.

Have a great weekend, we all deserve it .


Aunty Pol

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