Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This is Sooo Stinking Cute

Sistah has a passion for antiques..which strikes me as funny since I am the elder in this ya girl.

Among gifts she and Double Oh sent us is this adorable tin with recipes in it.

Which SU promptly tried to steal.

He and I have a small collection of tins that we use to tote baked goods when the mood strikes.

Which is pretty damn'd often.

So his eyes lit up when he saw the tin and yelped " Dibs".

Um , no honey.

This is a recipe box.

We will find you some more tins.

You can even have the one from the girls that had the William Sonoma hot chocolate bits in it.

I can''t wait to dive into the chocolaty goodness in this adorable box.

The pictures alone are drool worthy.

Love ya Sistah !


Aunty Pol

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