Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This One Is For You SIstah !

Sistah and I have had a deal through out our long sisterhood.



Years ago in college I had the original two cats Msi ( Missy, a very independent but loving Burmese ) and Oogie ( ok..his actual name was Sandy as he was a short haired red tabby , but he would dance to " Boogie Wonderland"..I kid you not) who were indoor/outdoor rangers. Back in the dark ages when duplexes and such were built , they often had enough windows with screens on them for ....CROSS VENTILATION.

Oh how I miss that.

Anyhoo, one morning while I was waiting for Sistah to pick me up for work, I saw Msi bringing something into the apartment through the Msi size hole in the screen that NO ONE cared about. I was going to and did fix it when I moved out by the way......Well, I thought she had a length of that rubbery gasket shit that they put around windows back then so I bent down to pick it up.


To this day , and I do not doubt it or her in the least, Sistah swears on the chassis of her old Malibu ( the classic, not that re-vamped POS that they tried to fob off on anyone born after 1985 ) that she could hear me screaming as she came around the corner. So she parks the car and hustles up to my place.

I am now incoherent.

She goes and gets a paper towel and disposes of the varmint so off we go to work.

Now she on the other hand ...


Me not so much .

So we have a pact.

She will always kill my snakes and I will always kill her spiders.

This link is for you honey, I'll always kill your spiders.


Aunty Pol

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