Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wishes

First of all...Gordon and I want to thank each and every one of you that posted a note to us on Andy's passing, it meant the world to us and the comfort it gives is without measure.

Christmas Wishes 2011:

For my home, I wish peace , quiet and less yodeling on the furniture and know who you are...I's okay Loki. Just slow down when you eat, you don't have to inhale it honey, we have more than 1 can of food.

For Sistah, Double Oh Mullet, Pyro and Mama to be Mrs. Pyro, I wish all the joy, love , safety and happiness a grandchild can bring. For the kids..P and baby Mama..It's all gonna be okay. Everyone panics , but you have love and experience all around you'll be fine.

Sistah..remember , this is where we get to roll our eyes and smile, because once again.." Been there..done that " trumps it all....LMAO ! Just keep me informed of infant sizes and I will hoard coupons etc..remember there are no rules for Godmothers and shopping for Godchild's babies....I looked it up !

For the Bug and her parents, I wish joy and love and for them to carry on just the way that they are. Sure, there will be bumps along the way, but you are doing such a wonderful job of being civil through all of this that I can only tell you how proud I am of both of you ...keep calm and carry on. Beloved nephew...I know that there are some career options that you are exploring,, I hope you get the one you really want . You've worked hard through it all to get the is worth it honey, at least your degree , unlike mine will be of some use...wheee......

For the Crazy Cajuns, thank you for being there through it all for SU and I ..we love you .

For the Yakkers, thank you for being the kind of friends that blend in so well with the rest of the insane tribe that we have collected...I'll try to get SU to stop pocket dialing you from the ice house girl....I have to hear the rest of that story...what a hoot. And remember..pirates don't swim ! Arrrrrh !

For Southside Johnny, thank you for making the call that you did, I am very proud of you and I know that once the surgery is over , you really will feel mo bedder. And you WILL listen to your older sister and brother in law..we have been down a road you haven't so you have been warned.

For " Evil Stepmother", thank you for helping with Southsides financial arrangements on the surgery..we love you sweetie, we really do..and YOU ROCK !

For Jere Lee and Cindy Lou Who, thank you for being the kind of neighbors every one wants to have..we love you bunches.

For CT, Lady Rae , the Princess and the Feline Overlords, happy holidays get your asses to Canada !...Yeah....the one that's know...this side of the pond !

For Lady Lisa, thank you for keeping me together through all of this for Sgt. Panda Pants and for understanding what this all means. I love you honey !

For the rest of our friends and family, we wish you the best of everything and thank you for being in our lives..even though we might not call or see each other very often, we love you all and really do think of you a lot.

Celebrate what you want in what ever way you want this holiday season.

I wish you all peace , happiness and good Karma for the coming year and beyond.

And if you are lucky, I might get off my ass next year and actually get Christmas cards out in 2012 .......LOL !

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol

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