Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cookbook Number Two

Like every popular personality, there is a backlash against Ree Drummond.

Some of the posters are funny, some are just vile.

Much like everything else in life it seems.

SO, me being me, I ordered a copy of the new cook book for me and one for Sistah.

Like it's gonna be a surprise....pfft.

We have no secrets.

Cooking like everything else in life is a matter of degrees.

Some people live for it.

Yes..that would be SU and I .

We have more than a tad experience and training so for us it is pure enjoyment.

We experiment, we tweak...we boldly go.

We buy cookbooks.

Others are not as comfortable.

Now, one of the main bitches about Ree's cookbooks is that they are too simplistic.

Really !~?

Now, I don 't know about the rest of the world, but when I am considering a cookbook, I check it out to see if it is something I would actually.....USE.

Some folks need pictures of the finished product if they are trying a method or recipe for the first time...I know I do.

WTF is the backlash against simple food ?

Comfort food ?

Cooking is about nourishing your mind and body.

Cooking is about nourishing the fiellowship of your community .

So what if Ree's photo's of herself are airbrushed ?


I don't know any female that wouldn't have a photo airbrushed if needed.

Get over it.

So what if Ree married money and her husband's family have a ginormous cattle ranch in Oklahoma ?

Last time I checked, it was their business.

So what if she has created a business and branded herself as it is termed?

She is living her life, raising four decent children and harming no one.

No , she is not some dewy eyed ingenue, not has she ever claimed to be .

Buy the book or not.

Read her blog or not.

Join Tasty Kitchen or not .

Your choice.

Just stop being ugly about her success .


Aunty Pol

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