Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Lordy Yes, More Pecans Please.

I rarely have met a muffin or muffin recipe I didn't like.

I don't care for traditional corn bread per se, I know, heresy when you live in the south , but there it is.

I do however like the Jiffy mix cornbread stuff because it's a sweeter version.


While still over at Tasty Kitchen , I came across this recipe.

The photos are wonderful by the way.

I so admire people that can do this.

There used to be a web site called .." Food Porn", which I loved.

Go ahead and laugh , I can hear you .

The most wonderful food photography ever!

If you don't want to bake the pecans..make muffins.

You know what to do...slap Mr. Linky for the recipe.

Oh, and before I forget. Amazon has Miss Ree's second cookbook available for pre-order.


Aunty Pol

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