Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sugar Scrubs

Any one who knows me knows that I love oil based scrubs.

I started down this road to addiction with "One Minute Manicure"..or " Manicure In A Minute"...

Sorry, I forget which way it goes.

Let's just call it "MIM" for the sake of argument.

I found this product a number of years ago and just fell in love with it.

This was way the hell before every tom , Dick and Mary came out with their own version.

So one day I went on line to see if I could buy it locally since the vendor I had used quit stocking it.

Oh cripes, the factory is just down 1960..not 15 minutes from here.

Woo the F Hoo.

All righteous, I decided to support a female owned local bidness.

Till I looked at the shipping.

Nope...not happening .

Amazon charges less for your product.

Another year we decided..yes dear you were involved in this make home made beef jerky and biscotti.

Buy neato baskets And gift to our closet local partners in crime.

This was by the way over ten years ago, I mean really ?

Have you seen the price of beef ?

It all came out wonderfully..but..

Anyone who thinks they can make this sort of Gumps/Nordstrom's William Sonoma gift basket cheaper that the afore mentioned businesses...?

WE gonna have a big talk.

Because I almost lost what little is left of my mind when I added it up.


I love people who make their own gifts.

I admire them.

I am the type that hires stuff done.


I love the idea of customizing..and then I second guess myself.

Allergies, likes , dislikes ?

When I over think it that


I may try this..but just for me.

If you are interested in home made small batch stuff...again , I urge you to browse etsy.

Or slap Mr. Linky above, she is a genius and I lub her.

I do.

Have a good day.


Aunty Pol.

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