Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kindle Fire - Ruh Roh..


I could have predicted this.
I spent the better part of 6 months researching e readers...much the same as I researched cars 2 years ago.
I had decided on Kindle.
At the firms holiday party gifts were given out in a drawing.
I won a Shell gift card.
Nee Nee won a Kindle Fire.
For a small dollar amount and I do mean small, we arranged a swap.
Fair is fair.
SO I ordered the cover and the screen protectors and my first book.

And I see in todays paper that there will be a patch to improve performance in a couple of weeks.
And on the net today, various articles comparing the Kindle to the Edsel.

In a perfect world , I would have gotten an IPad.
I got what I wanted and an upgrade.
Don 't kill my happy place.

Just sayin.


Aunty Pol

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry 'bout it. In six months or so all the hot tech sites will be selling some other new toy. If the Kindle does what you want, use it until it quits working.

I still have a TiVo I bought in 2003, and I used it until a few months ago. I had to do all kinds of tweaking to use the new digital broadcasts, or I'd still be using it.