Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year ~ Okay...Yes..I know I Am Posting This Early ~

Happy New Year Dear Hearts.
Yes, I know that I am posting this early, but for some reason blogspot on the home pc is spotty so I haven't been able to post ...hence the early post here.

I hope every one will have or had a safe New Years Eve and Day.
I was surprised and a bit dismayed to see that the burn ban is no longer in place for our area as I hoped it was . The fireworks road side stands are present and accounted for so of course the fireworks show will begin the 24 hour launch sequence....probably tonight.
Hello yard debris, goodbye sleep.

It's been a good year overall , so I really have no complaints .
I don't make resolutions because :

1. They are crap.
2. The person making can almost guarantee failure by the simple act of making the bloody list in the first place.
3. See # 1.

We all know the areas in our lives that we would like to improve. We don't need a list to remember them .I know the things that I need to work on and more importantly , I know what I need to let go of.
I also know that in all honesty, it is for me, ( and I suspect for the rest of us ) a case of being a work in progress.

It is what it is.

Twenty Twelve.

Shudder..the weirdness of that is kinda creeping me out a little bit here...lmao.


Aunty Pol

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sunflowerch said...

Happy New Year, Aunty Pol! I’ll see you back at the ranch on Tuesday.