Thursday, December 01, 2011

Jessica, Oh Jessica, I Do Love You !

I do love Miss Jessica over at " How Sweet It Is."

I really, really do .

Her approach to trying new things is much the same as mine.

Despite a best effort, it never have damn near 99% of the exact thing that you need to bravely experiment in your pantry..and you have gone to the store with the recipe to buy what you need ..right ?

And then once home from Kroger , when it is all unpacked and you have tripped over a cat or three and taken a wine break ( Moi ?) discover that are 1% off of having what you need because the stupid thrice damned store didn't have what you needed ..or they did but moved it while you had your back turned because they can do that shit..yeah...that would be applying to me by the way and NOT Miss Jessica, just to be clear on it.


I love Baklava. It is an acquired adult taste if you aren't from a Mediterranean culture..but yeah..phyllo..pistacios..HONEY...sigh.

I have watched people literally cry over phyllo dough disasters.

My late mother was at times quite a remarkable cook and a master at won tons..made from scratch..but...

Not even Betty would when capable ( aka sober) would attempt working with phyllo.

So I avidly read Miss Jessica's blog entry ...and smiled.

Then I laughed out loud at the public.

I love this woman because she is unafraid to tell you how it didn't maybe come out as perfect as one could hope, and it was still wonderful.

I love this woman because she can 't resist a nibble either

I love this woman because she understands it usually does work out and changes and or adaptations are not only permitted but to be applauded when bravely used in the pursuit of honest cookery by non professionals ..ok...I threw that last bit in myself but I suspect she might agree.

Lastly, I love this woman because she knows one of life's secrets :

All things can be improved by the addition of chocolate.

Go slap Mr. Linky above and pay her a visit.

Sistah..don't you love the photographs ?

Happy Friday Eve.


Aunty Pol

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