Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ms. Shea ~ You Really Are An Idiot OF The First Order .

Ms. Shea, what the hell ?

Yes, you were terminated . You are a public figure who like many has both a blog and a following and yet you fail to grasp like so many others a simple fact of life , usually filed under " Common Sense " . Let me take this slowly so that you might grasp the salient points.

1. You were hired as one of the public faces of the station, the key word being public. Offending any group such as the elderly with your quip " They scare me " is not conducive to increasing your employers ratings or revenue. The station is a business with the goal of making a profit. Losing viewership therefore revenue is not the business model that the station or any other for profit company aspires to.

2. Stealing mail is as  far as I believe a Federal offense . If not, it should be.

3. Dropping the F bomb ? Full disclosure time: Any one who has read this blog , worked with me or knows me in real life knows that I can be delightfully vulgar when appropriate. I also have a habit of dropping the colorful invective here. I do in all honesty try me best to keep my filters in place when I am at work...or at least insert Frak for the other fun F word. I am not a public figure .

4. I do not write about my workplace except in the most general terms. I do not name names, I give nicknames and given that there are only a small select few who have either access to or knowledge of this blog , while I may be confident that my employers are unaware of the blog...PRIVACY IS AN ILLUSION AT BEST....I never assume I have that regarding this blog no matter how hard I try. I know for a fact that my husband and dear friends read this so I try my best to bear in mind that if my late Baptist mother in law might be offended, I really need to rework the post using other language.

5. The First Amendment does not cover blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest or any other app/format for conversations or information.

In conclusion dear, put your big girl panties on, slap a filter over your mouth and your prose and join the rest of the grownups. You're acting like a reality tv personality and frankly, that ship has finally sailed.

Warmest Regards,
Aunty Pol

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