Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Will Get Through This .

Initially ,  IBD  wasn't mentioned mentioned by Dr. Tom. I had to miss the  appointment due to a conflict so the Daddy Unit toted our boy  .  Gordy seemed to really like Dr. Tom and the way that he had his practice set up ,  but  he really had little more than " It seemed nice"..in all fairness what the hell else are you going to say in that situation...it's tense enough as it it wrangling 11 metric tons ( 11 lbs) of pissed off son into a PTU . Decor critiques and so on aren't standard to him  and my husband is more of a "Meh" kind of dude. So, I called the practice and that's when IBD reared it's mofo ugly ass head .

I was on the floor most of yesterday...heartbroken.

We had been through this for so long with Xena, it became the focus of our lives for over 3 years. ...and now my boy...my baby dude. I know that we can handle this and so on we go.....but I am at the same time so angry for ..not at him...for him that he has to go through all of this . It's just not fair .As far as we can tell , there is no cure per se, it's a chronic condition that must be managed.

Manage we will....but right now...LIFE SUX !

Carry On.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry you and your babe are going through this. Lots of good thoughts and purrayers comin' to you, Gordy, Loki (and the gang).

Nothing I can say can make it better. Just hoping his case is as easily manageable as possible.

Lots of hugs!!