Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sometimes I Still Have To Wonder ~ !

Last week when we closed early , I ran like a bat out of hell across to SuperCuts to get the Do Did. I was due for color and had planned it out so that after that appt, I would only need to get the do re-did one more time before vacay ( yes, the plot thickens dearest) ....Since I had extra time I said " Slap some high lights on me Mary...I 've got the time. I love them. I'd had them for a long time but for whatever reason a year ago I just kind of went Meh and stuck to the basic red color. I like the way it turned out, so does SU so winner winner chicken dinner...

But then an  odd thing happened today that sort of have me pissed off..just in my usual way.

I have been growing my hair out for about 8 months now.It had been super short for a long time ..years in fact but I've gotten bored..and to be honest, when you are a tad "Voluptuous", or shaped like a pear, short hair makes you ( or ME ) look like my head is smaller....LMAO ! I'd flirted with growing it out to one layer but I am not a teenager and I need layers so...there you are..I am happy and relearning to play with it again . People at the office have gotten used to the longer hair and most recall the previous highlights and all was well...until this morning.

Co-Worker of over 20 years : " I really like the high lights Jane"

Me : Thanks, I like them too."

CO : They really soften your features."

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT  ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!!?????

I raised an eyebrow, looked over the top of my bifocals ( and Sistah, SU and all of my real life friends know to back the F up when they see this) ....and I replied:

" Thanks, I hadn't realized that my features were so HARD looking."

She backs up and tries to recover by saying :

" Oh no..the hi lights make you look younger" now I am not only hard looking , I am also old looking.


Now lets get real..I am a middle aged woman. I dress well , I wear an appropriate yet flattering amount of makeup , I get regular mani/pedi' other words I am well groomed in an appropriate fashion for my age.

Now, I know that my co-worker didn't mean what she said to come out the way it did, she is really not clever enough to have mastered the barbed compliment and for this reason alone I did not eviscerate her.

But really ?

Now if some one ( often her in fact ) should ask my opinion of their haircut or outfit, I do my damnedest to be gentle if I  don't care for it. I will compliment the fabric , color or cut of a garment or if nothing else suggest that next time she try.,..oh those pants with a longer jacket and maybe a neck scarf instead of a belt....I would never point out the muffin top or belly pooch that no sheath style dress will conceal and just because FLOTUS rocks a belt, not every gal can or should..

 * SMH *  as the kids say

( Shaking my head )

Have a safe 4'th of July.


Aunty Pol

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