Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh , This Brings Back Memories !

Today is " National Hot Fudge Sauce Day ! "

Isn't every day ?????

Miss Janet over at " Dying For Chocolate " had this post and I couldn't resist. You really have to read her blog, it has the best recipes and retro ads and their history.


Anyhoo, I remember my mother making  something very much like this when we were small spawn in San Diego. It may in fact be before Southside was born. It  was a real treat because Mom didn't keep a lot of ice cream or desserts on hand if Dad was deployed. The Charlie Chips cans that were marketed out of a truck much the same as the Good Humor Truck was one thing, Mom had a thing for BBQ chips and we all loved their huge ass pretzels. Every once in a blue moon, she would stop the donut truck ( I am not making this up, there was a company that had the same sort of set up as Good Humor or Charlie Chips and they'd bop around the neighborhood selling hot fresh-ish glazed bakery goodness ) .

Later on , when we lived with Grandma and Grandpa Engwall in Winthrop, Grandma would make this also if she had time . Most Saturdays were dedicated to cleaning the house and baking for the after Church Service coffee hootenany in the basement of First Lutrin in Winthrop. Hey, we didn't care...canned Hersheys worked nicely too...long pour Grandma....long pour. To this day , I miss the Butter Brickle Ice Cream we used to get in Minnesota.....

And Ironically..with and MAH SON ...Ice Cream is usually just that ..a memory.

Go check out her know the drill..slap Mr. Linky.

Aunty Pol Who Is  Now Craving Dairy Goodness..."Sniff".

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