Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well , That Certainly Clears It All Up .

Let me start by saying that IMHO , other than the fact that she has the BEST hair, Kristen Stewart can't act her way out of a paper bag...and yes , I read all the Twilight Books. Note , I did not say I watched the movies...I'd rather watch paint dry.

I work with the public.
I work with the public every day of the standard workweek.
I do my very best to keep a relaxed , professional posture and set to my features.
I do not grin from ear to ear.
I do not set my jaw in  the  Joker like rictus like manner.
I keep a pleasant, well modulated tone to my voice.
I am old enough to use the following words : " Please, thank you , you are welcome , sir and ma'm ."

I may eye contact and maintain eye contact .

And I have just realized and or discovered that I suffer from  " Bitch Face.

Bitch face .

Actually, on further research, it is actually called " Resting Bitch Face "

It's s term..really..check it out .

According to the Urban dictionary , it is the expression that makes one appear as to be a bitch.

Well , allrighty then .

I make eye contact with all persons that I need to . I pay attention and actively listen .

I do not however grin from ear to ear like a puppy with a new rawhide chew toy.

At least once a day of not more , a random co-worker will ask..." Are you okay...mad....feeling okay ? "

I answer that I am fine unless there is something that I am preoccupied with such as the kitty's or a family illness. I prefer to keep my work life and my "real " life separate.

This is the way that I am.
This is the way that I have always been.
This is the way that I shall always be .

I am not sick, angry , mad, pissed off, twitterpated, miffed , verklempt , worked up, frazzled, berserk , anxious , angst ridden , terrified , in a lather , beside myself  or in a temper.

I can however get there pretty damn quick if I have to spend more than a certain amount of time explaining the above to stupid people.

You will know it if I am pissed .

Hint # 1 : My eyes change color.
Hint # 2 :  I get really , REALLY quiet.

Solution: Get the fuck out of Dodge, get out of my face , and keep going.

I know the difference between those  who genuinely love me and want to know what is going on and the rest of the Twatasarrissuses that merely want to get a rise out of me .

Amateurs .

There isn't a thing wrong with having Bitch least we look like we have some concept of manners and professionalism  .

Aunty Pol

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sunflowerch said...

Wow! I've been asked the same thing more than once!