Saturday, August 08, 2009

Did I Over Tip The Hairdresser ?

Too many Hi-lites ?
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

LMAO! 2 trips to the hairdresser ago-

Me: I want it really short for summer, age appropriate, other than that have fun.
Her: Is color OK?
Me: Sure.

I sit back, close my eyes, & relax, lovely beverage in hand. Much fussing with hair ensues whilst the smell of caustic chemicals wafts through the air. Note: I am blind without my glasses. (No, really!)

Her: You will love it when the roots come in!
Me: Roots come in????!!!

Grope desperately for glasses. Peer into mirror, smile affixed to my face. Just in cae.

I look like an old, fat Abby [Primeval:]

Actually, it's an awesome cut - very easy to care for. Took me a while to get used to it as I'm not used to being "trendy" - but the general reaction has been quite favorable. And she was right. It actually did look good as the roots came in! I haven't been this blond since I was three.

Aunty Pol said...

I've done long which I love and I have done short which I prefer....aka Annie Lennox. I try to be reasonable on the length .

I am far youner than you and the gals at HSP , at least from the audios ( love the audio BTW)and thinner. I truly believe that if a non thin woman's hair is too short all that does is put a lemon on the body of an orange..

I did have a mental picture of the whole in the chair leap of faith rock.

..SU loves me with hilights but I have to be careful.

I garden every weekend and I turn ( eep) blonde offense to anyone but I am a redhead.

I know what you mean about relaxtion.they don't serve beverages at " SuperCuts" which is time is me time. But..a beverage would be most excellent.

Honey , I am so blind without glasses..I need glasses to get up in the morning to find my glasses.

Aunty Pol said...

* Not looking at white roots,,,,not looking.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL! Hope I don't look like a lemon headed orange!! That visual was priceless! :-)

I've never gone quite Lennox short - always a bit fuller on top, but very short on the sides sometimes - razor short in back, in fact. On ages - I'm 53, Sonia is 49 and Monica is a bit younger, I think.

Lisa (the hairdresser is also a Lisa) said, "I bet every time you get color they try to make you a redhead, so we'll do something different."

And she was right. The first time I got color, the stylist said, "You have the skin of a red head." He went with a red base and blond highlights and that's what the hairdressers stayed with for a while. (My granddad was a flaming redhead and I got the skin but not the hair.)

Was a natural blond growing up. It was always long and straight (perfect for the 70s, so that was one thing I didn't have to worry about during those awkward teen years), and down to my butt. When I got older, it went into a bun for work. At one job, it was 5 years before they saw it down!!!

I went from really long (small of the back, at that point) to really short, on a whim, at about age 45. I was shocked at what a mousey brownette it was when the sun bleached length went away - so I appreciate your gardening woes - mine lightens up fast, too. No grey yet, although at my age it can't be long in coming, just lotsa mousey going on for the moment.

I colored it for a few years and then went au natural again. Got a few highlights a year ago or so. This was the first shot at "full" color in 5 years or so.

A friend (one of those brutally honest friends that you really like to have around at times like these) said I look like a feminine Guy Fieri and the spikey (if somewhat longer on top) doo suits my personality... even if I am an old broad. I'm fashion challenged so I'll take her word for it!

Hairdresser Lisa runs an awesome little shop! She's much younger than me, with tats galore, and the best personality of anyone to whom I've consigned my head. Her cohorts, Barber Bill and Waxer Sarah, are just as laid back.

Re the lovely beverage: this is not a swanky salon - it's a neighborhood place I tried a few months ago 'cause a waitress, whose hair I liked, recommeded it. (And the web reviews were good, too:

She's got Natty Boh in the fridge and a jug of Dago red on the counter, and the whole shop just feels like you walked into your girlfriend's house for a bull session.

Why am I going on about hair? Dunno... 'cause it's late I guess! ;-)

Aunty Pol said...

OH I love the spiky Guy the roots issue, but again the lemon/orange thingy comes to mind.

I love neighborhood shops. There just isn't one close by and the Supercuts is in the building next door so it is very convenient to go..when I can..GRRRR...yeah...still a bit po'd about THAT whole deal..