Monday, August 17, 2009

Our House ~ 7 P.M. Nightly

Yep..this is the way that the darling Princess acts, all hot and bothered to get her foodz.
Of course , she manages at the same time to get the rest of Los Gatos all riled up, even Munchkin. Munchie is almost in second kitten hood with the wet food, and is now eating Temptations ( Treats) so...skid we come.
I can tell that the weather is changing...the left hip is throbbing..nothing that can be done for happens more as I get older, especially from the is ...yada yada yada.
The mood here is very strange today. The spawn either start school this week or next so there is the last minute mania that gets worse every year. I plan on avoiding stores at all costs this coming weekend as it is the tax free thingy and frankly , people just act stupid because they can. It doesn't matter if they know any better, they just don't care...period.
Only Monday ?
Come on Labor Day weekend, I will miss wearing jeans on Fridays, but..I am actually taking a day OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I know that sounds lame.
I do not count the 6 work days I was home with the Hubs after the 3 surgeries mid April.
Nor do I count the time waiting for various repair folk to show up.
I am taking the week between Christmas and New Years, but's been a LONG , BAD year...AP needs a long weekend.
Have a great week...if you are on the East coast..please be careful...all y'all are getting hammered with all of this rain....this means you Lisa and Laurie...take care of all of the babies, Drewy and Ms Charlene....
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Will do, Aunty P... cloudy now, but T-storms Wed-Sat for us. It's coast to coast twixt Laurie & me... she's on the left and I'm on the right coast! Hee, hee!

Have a good long weekend when it comes... that's not lame - home helping the hubbs is NOT time off. And waiting for repair folk is worse than work.

Should I make you insanely jealous? At the 'tute we get to wear jeans'n'sneakers all 365. I know... I went to tootsie heaven when I got this job. It's tough getting into heels now for special events. Gettin' old and the feet are spreading. But no calluses any more, so it's worth it!

I avoid the stores this time of year period. Actually I'm not a shopper. Give me a catalog or the web and I'm happy.

Hugs to the brood and, Princess, nix on the inciting to riot...

kleinwort said...

They lied, Aunty. Got drowned on the way home from work today. 'Course it was accompanied by a rather spectacular lightning and thunder display. ;-) And still no break in the heat or humidity. *sigh*

Kanani said...

I don't even buy anything before my daughter starts school. What's the point? She has a few folders, binders, a backpack. We can get all the "supplies" later on. As for clothes --in So Cal, our hottest most vile weather is in September & October. If anything ...all she needs are a new pair of shorts!