Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kill ME Naow

Picture by: Andy. Caption by: Boschka via Our LOL Builder

LMAO, MY first ICHCB re-caption.

Too Much Fun ~!

But also scary.

SU and I have been married for a while . Not as long as I consider normal but above average for today's society.

I have learned to tolerate golf.

I may not appreciate golf , but I have come to ever so slightly understand the game. By that , I mean that hopefully I don't ask the straight out dumbest question in the room.

And I can recognize the cute guys.

The REALLY cute ones.


Amidst all of the crap of this year , I mentioned that we were starting a new game , therefore I would need some visitation rights.

WE share the PC .

He knows that I am an old DND'r. I've been playing since the inception of the game, RIP Gary Gygax ( sp). He's found the funny looking dice, seen the archives of game shit I've hoarded..heard the terms...understood none but all in all gets my obsession. He's understood the odd hour calls from Australia, snickered at my stomping down the hall muttering and flailing armed march , focused on who I was going to kill in reaction to what they just did to me...Thank you CT for giving me the slow acting poison.

I let that lay , since the newest game took a while to start as we don't tend to rush into things. Our games are completely on line and last an average of 2 years in real time. Our GM crafts each one and there is a lot of IM's and e-mails that fly all over..UK...Australia etc.

This by the way , is where I get very impatient and that is usually not a benefit to my character..

Whatever..I know.

Tonight he asked a couple of questions because as he put it , " I've seen your friends signing in and out (on IM ) all day ."


Soooo..... I pull up the premise on the board for him to read.

Then, I realise yet again that he reads my blog.

And...I had put the outline of my character, Agnes Louise Brown on the blog.

And then he says " So , you're doing a pre Clive Cussler " Dirk Pit ?"

Me : ?

Him: " Doc Savage ?"

Ohhhhhhh..fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ..

He gets it.


I am not going to screen mission requests or whatever CT decides we need to do in order to move forward here with SU.



Aunty Pol


Calamity Anne said...

Hey there! Got your comment on my blog. After an hour of thunder-booming, we FINALLY got a pretty good rain out here in far west H-town. At least I don't have to water anymore. I totally get what you're saying about your RPG...which is one reason I won't allow myself to get into one...otherwise, I'd never get off of the computer! Have a great day!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, I am soooo ripping your recaption off! Perfect for work!

Neph does RPG... I know how much time he spends and, like Anne, I know I'd be chronically sleep deprived if I ever tried it.


Aunty Pol said...

Oh , for an old DND'r , RPG are fun. The gang that I play with has been doing this for about 8 or 9 years now and we've become very close friends in real the point of visits, phone calls etc. Right now he new character of mine, Agnes has a particular interest in the Knights Templar, so of course you should see all of the research I have.

In one game, as a variation of Dune ,we set it in 16'th century Edo,,you should have seen all the research I did on Geisha's..I know..TMI

Hugs Ladies..have a great day.