Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Means No !

Memo To The Genetically Damaged Idiot That I Am Forced To Work With :
Listen up you stupid bitch .
If I tell you that I am NOT going to dress up the kids in costumes for the AARF fundraiser...what part of NO confuses you ?
I don't do that shit.
Do not stand there at my desk, wasting my time trying to convince me otherwise with your verbal diarrhea about it not hurting them.
Do you think that I believe that it will in fact hurt them ?
Are you really that stupid ?
Thank you for removing all doubt on that question by the way.
I don't do it because I just don't.
You are not owed a reason or explanation.
YOU try to put Andy in a costume....I dare you to even try.
Do not as usual intentionally misinterpret, misunderstand or misrepresent this conversation to your little minions.
I support the cause.
I support Scouts Honor.
I write checks.
Oh and by the way...
Thinking that Lolita's mini crime wave of basically smuggling in a kitten from Mexico was humane, caring and brave was simply put .... both stupid and irresponsible...just what I expect from the pair of you .
Do you have a home for said victim yet or do you plan on forcing the innocent on one of your so called friends ?
This kit by the way is not a new breed , you idiot.
It is a domestic short hair and for you to represent or claim otherwise just supports my basic opinion of you .
God..someone fire her ass , please ?
Well, I feel better now ..
Have a great day.
Aunty Pol

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