Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In Case You Wondered.

I am amazed at how many Eddings fans are out there.

I have used the name Polgara for years when I played as House Moritani in my groups Dune RPG.

Hell, at one point the GM suggested I legally change my name , which just confused the SU at first. Now after all these years , he gets it . We are starting a new game, ( non Dune ) and he looks at the brief character dev. thus far ( only 5 pages) and goes .." Honey...not enough paper yet..". never occurred to me that anyone else would get the reference .

It just didn't register.

I think PG was the 5'th person or so to get it.

Many blogs are focused and limited to one topic.

I admire that.

This is not one of those blogs.

I am passionate about a lot of things.

Books...Science Fiction, Mystery, History, Non name it and we read it. We are true book junkies and it was many years before I could look at a semi blank wall and go .." Um..honey..bookcase please ?" SU is almost as bad , and I have learned that if I order a new Clive Cussler or Patricia Cornwall or Robert Parker to have them sent to the office so that I can read them first. It has gotten to the point that SU can recognize Michael Whelen's art work on a cover , knows my passion for Dragons and Dragon Lance and knows the term DND.

The cats...aka the actual owners of the human servants...nuff said. I am a former dog person who never had a pet as a child since I grew up in the military and it was determined to be either unfair to the pet to have to move as much as we did or restrictive with policies. My first husband and I had black labs and 2 cats. I kept the cats. I always said that I would never re-marry and after that fallacy , I said I would never marry a man who didn't have and or love cats....yeah. We have 6 cats. Now , if you're freaking out over this number that tells me that either you got to this blog by mistake or you are not an animal person. Therefore..bye bye, have a great life.

Then there is the cooking bit. SU was a cook in the Navy and has worked food service. So have I . I've done everything from cleaning taps to managing a place on the West Coast. I am a die hard supporter of everyone who is still in the weeds with sore backs, fallen arches and bad shifts. I remember when the tips meant the luxuries in my oh so glam life like food and toilet paper. Most people who have never done this work do not know that a lot of places do not pay minimum wage, it is assumed or implied that with the servers tips for their shift , it will somehow equal out. I OVER tip. I do not engage my server in useless, time wasting banter unless the server makes it clear they have the time . We do not camp out to discuss the worlds political failures. I know approximately how many covers need to be sold and what slow turnover means to the server....

We both love to cook and are more than decent at it. We can spend hours at a restaurant supply house looking for goodies. Why the hell do you think this whole dental issue has been sooooo bloody difficult ? Because he can't eat solid food. Hopefully that will soon change.

The Garden..a passion of mine. While SU played golf ( past tense - he says he's given it up...LMAO) I dig in the dirt. Digging in the dirt somehow balances out the fact that I am a self admitted high maintenance woman....go fig.

So like I said..if you want to discuss vampires, dragons, Dune, Eddings, Jordan ( rip) Goodkind, George R.R. Martin, Chelsea Yarbro Quinn, Feist, Brooks, RPG's , Cats, gardens, food, cooking , baking , or just see my current insanity...come on in. I 'll try not to torture you too much with the bullshit that is the free gift with purchase when you work for attorneys. Honest.
Aunty Pol

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purplegirl said...

I've loved the name Polgara since the instant I read it; I'm a big enough nerd that I still sometimes think about changing my name, or at least adding it as a middle name. For one year of school, sixth grade, I actually lied and told people that it was my second middle name and I wanted to be called by it! Of course, the idiot boys I went to school with twisted it around, and for the next three years I was known as "Polgarfunkle" and "Pagota".

And then, near the end of the year, somebody did a book report on the Belgariad. That was rather humiliating, since I was born before Pawn of Prophecy came out!