Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Wish We Were This Organized .

I do so wish that we were this organized at home.
At least the routine is getting easier.
Either they are realizing ( Um..yeah, right !) that they are not going to get stinky goodness until I change out of the work clothes and heels.....or I am getting better at ignoring the wailing and carrying on.
Grab the cans, line up the plates and off we go.
Yes Xena, Mommy hears you . You have plenty of kibble, remember ?
No, Gracie, that is Xena's plate and spot to eat..your's is over here.
Yes Boshi, your plate is coming..stop trying to hijack Xena's.
Gracie !
Stop it !
Your plate is over here.
Loki , You want some stinky goodness ? No ? Treats it is..here ya go.
Andy, you finally want in ? Good..here are your treats.
Gracie !
Your plate is here, it's the same as the others..really..trust the Momma .
Andy..You want back out ? Ok..I need to do the bird feeders and the outside bowls anyway.
GRACIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leave Xena alone !
And I wonder why it is at least 7 : 30 or so before I get a chance to sit down. We get home between 6 : 45 and 7 pm.
Gotta love them.
Then there is the wiping of the counters, range top, dishes, cleaning up hair balls , mid week laundry...oh well.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oops, zoomed down too fast and came to rest here... didn't comment when I read it the first time but I should let you know I LMAO!

Aunty Pol said...

I wish I had had the camera...4 faces buried in a row tonight....Munchkin has to have her plate in a more seperate area..she's just re-discovered the wonder that is stinky goodness.

Loki , aka # 1 Son..still a kibble /temptations lad.


Aunty Pol said...

P.S. Thank Gaia they don't like beer, wine or Vodka.

Andy is always iffy on the stinky goodness....typical male..." You cooked this ? What is it ?"