Monday, August 10, 2009

A Memo For The Princess

Dear Xena, aka Xeni Gabini, Diddums, Itty Ditty, Princess Poo Poo
We need to discuss your ability to tell time.
You have none.
You know that your Mommy loves you. I am the one that feeds you most of the time, making sure that you have your special reservation and /or place . I make sure that Gracie Marie , aka the HOOVER doesn't grab all of your food, nor does Boshi aka the Baby. I indulge you. IF you must suffer left overs from the fridge, who pray tell nukes the stinky goodness for you ?
Daddy ?
I think not.
It is with this understanding that I ask you ...

" What the hell are you thinking waking up the Mommy at 4: 23 a.m. , also known as either " Oh Crap " or " Oh Dark Thirty".....for Brekki ????????????
Are you serious ?
I told you .
Go bug Daddy.
Oh Hell no am I getting up before I have to.
I still love you , you little minx....just not at 4: 23 a.m.
Ask Daddy.
I don't like anyone that early in the morning.
Your Mother, aka Aunty Pol.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

LOL! I can sleep through an a-bomb. (Yet awaken easily at the sound of a sick cat or kid - go figure.)

Only one cat has gotten through the defenses, in all these years, on an attention wake. Banana (long story) would flex his claws into my arm, then jump back to avoid to the reflexive defense (aka, knocking the offender to the floor... yes, I have been told that I do this, but I have no personal knowlege thereof). And he'd repeat. And repeat. And repeat until I was fully awake.


Aunty Pol said...

Usually the tribe is very good, if they get out of hand, we begin Pilot training..ZOOM...fling them off the bed....always entertaining when you have a waterbed...LOL