Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Does This Matter ?

I was noodling around and catching up with some people via Twitter and ran across a post from a gal pal...thanks for the heads up on this one PG. I had totally missed it.
I guess I have been unconscious because I had no earthly idea that there was such a shit storm over the fact that the First Lady had the audacity to wear shorts in public.
In August.
At the Grand Canyon.
WTF ???
I am sure that if she had on some other attire, slacks, a skirt, a dress or heaven forbid jeans that she would have been pilloried for being out of step, out of touch or just lacking in the common sense every one of us is supposed to have.
The First Lady is a modern woman.
Confident in her self, and her abilities , I am sure she would be amazed and amused over all of this , if it even made it to her radar.
I hope that her daughters find their world as young women a far more balanced place where they are judged for who they are and not their wardrobe .
I can only hope.
Ans yes..I am still watching " Project Runway " never fear..the smart ass verbiage won't be gone for long.
Aunty Pol


purplegirl said...

Isn't it just ridiculous?

Calamity Anne said...

The last time I looked she was as human as we are...additionally, she's looks fantastic in shorts! It's amazing what people get their panties tied up in a knot about!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

It never ceases to amaze me, either! But let's face it, the woman could walk on water and there'd still be somebody taking pot shots at something.

Agreed, Aunty, hope the 1st Lady is getting a good laugh out of all of this.