Monday, August 03, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day.........
Along with everything else right now , it seems either the capacitor ( Flux ? went there , I know you did ) or the relay has gone out on the outside unit.
SU had to do some massive cooking this weekend for the office as it was or is his bosses birthday.
The way that the house is set up is the great room sort of thing where the galley kitchen opens into the dining room which in turn opens up into the living room..
We like this..except when the oven is going 90 to nothing and it's 95 + degrees.
Also known as " Summer in Texas."
Hell, 95 degrees is actually cooler than it's been.
But I digress.
I've asked around , and gotten a referral from a gal pal at the office so as soon as they can work me in.
Yeah, SU could fix this if he knew which part to buy at Granger and they would sell it to a rookie.
A lot of times , it's that pesky old licencing thingy they are so picky about.
I didn't really give it much thought, we could and can manually set the relay to cool the house off at night , then turn it off...turn it on a bit before we leave..then turn it see the pattern....?
What worries me is the indoor kittehs being inside .
When the SU suggests that I sit on the patio for half an hour to forty five minutes when we get home so we can cool off the house....and it's going to hit 99 degrees or above every day this week.....oh HELL NO.
Kitteh Bebe's come first...always.
Momma is on a mission .
It's only money..sigh .
Have a great week,
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Fingers crossed. I feel your distress for the kiddos. No a/c here and B'more can get pretty d**ned hot. Fortunately it's been a cooler summer than usual because the "chill" place is currently occupied by the Maples. If it got really hot, well... it's only money, as you said!

Aunty Pol said...

LOL..Andy ..the outdoor marmy walked right back out without breaking stride when I opened the door to the patio to let him in for treats/ lad that one.