Saturday, August 08, 2009

Who Dat ?

Who dat ?
A very good question , my friends.
I will get back to that in a bit.
The weekend.
So far..and this is the strange part as it is 10: 10 am.'s been blissfully quiet.
BFD Pol.
BFD indeed , my friends.
It's been a very odd year, stressful, awful etc. The whole gamut of everything from " What now " to " What next ?"
As is my habit, I have tried in vain to figure out the logic of it all, see a pattern or find a reason for all of this.
At times , I have over thought it ( HUGE Surprise - NOT) to the point of flirting once again with depression and partially shutting down.
Not good.
A large part of this is the feeling that I've lost the ability to cope with it all.
That's me..walking through life , a huge gaping gut shot of a wound looking for a bandage and Neosporin.
And a tetanus shot.
I know that there is a whole big world out there and there are others far worse off than I .
I am sure they have their outlets, this is mine.
And Yet.....
I've made a few new friends like Lisa who have helped me with the feline crisis.
Kanani, who's bit of a pat on the shoulder helped in ways she will never know.
PG, who just makes me laugh my ass off.
My gamers who are still about and ready to roll once again..come on guys...only three character profiles up yet ?
And humor in blogs that get me through the day , which leads me to the above picture.
Go read :
See the banner scrolling across the top of the blog ? click on the above picture , and it should take you to the post dated July 29, 2009 regarding weddings and wedding parties.
You will laugh out loud.
Sometimes , that's all you need .
You're Welcome.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

For me, Zoloft in the giant economy sized bottle. I know that gut shot feeling all too well.