Monday, August 10, 2009

Something To Hold On To...! episode this week.
I am sooo there .
Why do weeks have to start out this way ?
I bust my ass to sort things out so that I can get the A/C fixed, working around every one else's schedule.
I have always tried to accommodate everyone in my section..after all fair is fair and we were all taught to play nicely with others, unless raised by wolves.
Some of my co-workers, more the latter than the former it seems.
When you decide to take time off and we have it in the books, common sense says that any one else taking to take time off will work with you, recognizing your plans and hence, planning accordingly.
Now it seems you changed from:
Off Monday and Tuesday , then the following week off Monday to Monday , returning the following Tuesday.
You have more time on the books than f'g Moses.
But..oh no...
NOW , you are out half a day today, in tomorrow and taking this Friday off, all the next week, and the following Monday.

This is getting very , very , old.
I have printed out all your email notices and last minute better not start shit about never getting time off.
I will bust your ass.
And...I am leaving at 3 this Thursday to get my hair cut....period.
I have to commando schedule because once again , you screw it up so far that no one else can make plans.
You are fully aware that in 3 years , I am cutting back to 40 with it. At that point I have 30 years here...bite me.
I will invoke seniority.
I'm hoping for a better week, I really am.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Glad he's back even if he was a very, very bad boy. Sad thing... he didn't need to be.

Hope the week gets better! (Fortunately, never had to cope with a schedule scr**ing co-worker, myself).


Calamity Anne said...

I'm not sure that it matters, but I thought it'd be easier answering your questions on your own blog. Anywho...the Pride of Barbados in the photo is still in it's pot...and they LOVE the sun...can't get a more perfect plant for these hot H-town summers! Have a fantastic day!!!

Aunty Pol said...

No prob Anne..I didn't see the bit at the end about the hole digger. Our front yard is mostly shade with all of the pines, and with this heat , I'm afraid I've lost 2 of my Hydrangeas.

The back yard on the other hand is full sun so that is where I have all of the roses and plumbago ( covering an arbor the SU built.

Let me know how it does....I so want one.