Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Yeah..What A Lovely Monday This Has Turned Out To Be.

Yep....this is pretty much the way I feel right now. It's too late in the day at this point to take anything that would be effective.

I pretty much need to go home and crash and burn. I don't know if SU has a card game tonight, I kinda hope he does tho because it will be a lot quieter . I can't really eat anything because the nausea is just too severe and I really hate throwing up...sorry...TMI I know.

So of course I am craving " Whataburger".

And Fries...

And a me..this is not the norm for me.

Look up Lactose Intolerance.

Part of the trigger is the fact that some young men that work here in the building douse themselves so completely with their fragrance of choice that I damn near gag.

And don't get me started on the vendor who has become a client.

I've tried.

Nee Nee has tried.

I want my pih yo and my water beddies NAOW.


Aunty Pol


purplegirl said...

From the nausea and the mention of fragrance triggers, I'm guessing migraine? Super fun. :(

Aunty Pol said...

Ah yup..dats what it was..super fun for the whole family.