Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Very Own Personal Readers Guide ~ Pt 1 .

Since I have picked up a few new readers/commenter's , I thought I'd give all y'all a little guide as to the part that is " What the hell does the _____ stand for ?"
SU : Spousal Unit . The Hubby, or Hubs...
NG : Neighbor Gals and overall partners in crime.
Gal Pal : Usually refers to the best friend on the left coast, tho may also refer to Nee Nee or the one on the east coast.
Double O Mullet : Number One gal Pal and sister of my hearts husband.
Crazy Cajun (s) : SU's best friend and his wife.
DND : Dungeons and Dragons - A game started in the 70's , primarily for pot smoking college geeks ( LOL!) where you sit and create characters such as elves, ogre's and such that go on missions....think Magic but with live bodies playing.
GM : Game Master - The person who runs the above shit, aka me for many years.
RPG: Role Playing Games - No, Not S/M , you pervs. Usually done on line 0n line in a separate board or via e mail . Also known as obsession , hobby or addiction.
So there ya go.
Any questions ?
Have what ever kind of day that works out the best for you .
Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Cheat sheet is always good! Figured most out from context... it took me 3 or 4 posts before I went from "Well, SU obviously refers to the hubby," to "Ohhhhh... Spousal Unit... well, duhhhh!" LOL!

Aunty Pol said...


I am a relic..I don't text. I expect a phone to do 2 things..make and take a call. The abreviations are more from the blog and the fact that I have let my real life friends know that I would not " out them.

This is also kind of my way of letting ally'all know that this is in some ways my still need to write, part verbal diarhea and a rant about things that just flat piss me off with a dose of " Oh this shit is too funny not to share.

I don't have a topic or theme.." It is what is."

Thanks for stopping in .

Aunty Pol said...

Mea Culpa for the inability to spell tonight.