Monday, August 24, 2009


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Mark Zuckerberg

I ran across a very interesting article today from a blog I read .." Double X"

Read the article , then read the comments .

Oh and By The Way..Double X is not porn you pervs.....oops, goobers ..see below;

About Us :
Double X is a new Web magazine, founded by women but not just for women, that Slate launched in spring 2009. The site spins off from Slate's XX Factor blog, where we started a conversation among women—about politics, sex, and culture—that both men and women listen in on. Double X takes the Slate and XX Factor sensibility and applies it to sexual politics, fashion, parenting, health, science, sex, friendship, work-life balance, and anything else you might talk about with your friends over coffee. We tackle subjects high and low with an approach that's unabashedly intellectual but not dry or condescending. The blog is at the heart of the site, but we also publish essays, reporting, and other features.


Aunty Pol

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purplegirl said...

I'm not sure yet what I think of DoubleX. I've only read a couple of articles, the first one being this one:,0

Which I found because of a discussion on Shapely Prose .

The other article I read was Julie Powell bemoaning that her cat wasn't properly portrayed in the "Julie & Julia" movie, which seemed a bit odd to me. :)