Friday, August 21, 2009

A Song Of Fire And Ice

OMG !!!!!
HBO has been releasing some small tidbits regarding the casting of George R.R. Martins " A Song Of Fire And Ice " series.
The first book is titled " A Game Of Thrones " and Sean Bean as shown above is cast as Ned Stark , Lord of Winterfell.
The series is very similar to the War of the Roses , here the Stark and Lannister families stand in for the York and Lancaster families.
The work has been compared to Eddings Belgariad and in many ways is as good if not better than " Wizards First Rule" by Terry Goodkind or the late Robert Jordan's " Wheel Of Time".
Like the above, there is sometimes a wait between volumes, at times stretching for two years or more...yes...I am one of those who checks publishers websites for release dates etc etc and will wait for the next volume.
Books are a necessity for me , and I am one of those who buy first edition hard covers , not for the investment value but simply because I want it when I want it and that is it . I am also fortunate that the SU also is a book-a-holic and knows that I would rather have a book than a new pair of shoes.
Lets re-examine that last part of the above sentence, shall we ?
".........I'd rather have a book than a new pair of shoes.."
OK..all y'all need to get up off the floor, ...fakers....I did not kill you dead with surprise.
ANY one who knows me knows that I am a heel-a-holic, and fully intend to be buried in my standard 4 inch heels....unless SU just throws me on the grill and calls it a day...LOL.
In some ways I am also glad that this series is being done because there is a sincere lack of representation of Fantasy on commercial television .
Not Science Fiction.
Other than " Legend Of The Seeker " based on " Wizards First Rule" by Terry Goodkind , BBC's " Robin Hood" and NBC ( BBC's original BTW) " Merlin", the genre just hasn't been explored.
I have given up the wait on the LONG rumored adaptation of my beloved " Dragon Riders Of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey. I doubt this will ever happen so I will console myself with the knowledge that I really belong in Bendyn Weyr.
" Mist's of Avalon " was alright , but could have been better .
Eternal optimist that I am..I do have high hopes for " A song Of Fire And Ice".
Either way, I still have the books.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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Oh, I love Sean Bean!